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2012: Rapture?

Many Christians believe that we are living in the end times. The thing that makes me laugh is that they have been saying that ever since Jesus Christ supposedly flew up in the clouds. “The prophecy is being fulfilled!”, they say, sorry, hate to bust you bubble of joy, but what exactly is being fulfilled? Well, I’m a believer that there is a scientific explanation for everything that happens. Rain for example, do I believe that it’s a sign that “god is upset, or angry”? Um…NO! Might be a poor example, but you’d be surprised how many people legitimately believe stuff like that. I remember being told as a child that thunder means that god was angry. Being a impressionable young lad, I believed this. This might be something stupid to blog about, but seriously…

In the book of Revelations, there are semi-clear ‘signs’ when the end of the world supposedly will happen. When you actually pay attention and are eager for the end of the world, of course, everything is going to look like it fits into the prophecy. I’m pretty sure that World War I was thought to be the end of the war, same thing with World War II.


I want you to watch the video below, with an open mind. Place yourself 1000 years back in time. All of the things that show the coming of the messiah happen ALL TIME TIME. Killing was even more in the biblical times, I mean come on…if I lived in bible times, and I saw this video, I’d think Jesus was coming back the next day…like seriously people?