2012: Rapture?

Many Christians believe that we are living in the end times. The thing that makes me laugh is that they have been saying that ever since Jesus Christ supposedly flew up in the clouds. “The prophecy is being fulfilled!”, they say, sorry, hate to bust you bubble of joy, but what exactly is being fulfilled? Well, I’m a believer that there is a scientific explanation for everything that happens. Rain for example, do I believe that it’s a sign that “god is upset, or angry”? Um…NO! Might be a poor example, but you’d be surprised how many people legitimately believe stuff like that. I remember being told as a child that thunder means that god was angry. Being a impressionable young lad, I believed this. This might be something stupid to blog about, but seriously…

In the book of Revelations, there are semi-clear ‘signs’ when the end of the world supposedly will happen. When you actually pay attention and are eager for the end of the world, of course, everything is going to look like it fits into the prophecy. I’m pretty sure that World War I was thought to be the end of the war, same thing with World War II.


I want you to watch the video below, with an open mind. Place yourself 1000 years back in time. All of the things that show the coming of the messiah happen ALL TIME TIME. Killing was even more in the biblical times, I mean come on…if I lived in bible times, and I saw this video, I’d think Jesus was coming back the next day…like seriously people?


Christians, Death and Child Porn?

People always ask me, “where do you go when you die?”. Most of the time, this comment is made by an arrogant Christian who is trying to act smart. My answer to this question is: Nowhere, by body dies and I am no more. The human mind has trouble understanding the concept of non-existence. Think about it; not existing anymore. No more hanging out with friends or family, no more communication, no more…anything. Hard to comprehend? I know, it’s  impossible to imagine the unimaginable. This is exactly why Christians, or any other religion preaches about an afterlife. It provides comfort as they live their life here on earth. Remember in one of my previous posts, I mentioned about being told something over and over again? Eventually you’ll believe it to be true. It’s the same concept here. Tell yourself that when you die, you will live on in another world. If you keep on telling yourself the same thing, eventually your mind will convince itself that it is true. This seems to provide comfort to many people. Me however, I would prefer not to live my life based on a lie. I would like to live my life learning, growing and understanding as much as I can about everything.

I’ve been told that because I am not a “Christian”, that I must fear death. It’s funny that people think that, because no, I don’t fear death. Death happens to everyone at some point in their life, so why fear something that happens to everyone? One day, I’m going to die…ok I’m over it…moving on with my life. I think it would be more miserable living a life, believing that when I die, I’d go to a ‘better place’. In fact, if I truly believed that, I would just commit suicide. But oh wait, apparently suicide is a sin.

When I was younger, I remember an older guy, he was a deacon at  my families church. Let’s call him…hmm… deacon Carl. Ok, so deacon Carl always had something to say about everything. I’d come to church dressed in Tripp pants, band tee, and a trench coat. Without hesitating, he’d call me a satanist. Back when I dressed that way, it was because I liked the style, not because of my beliefs. But deacon Carl, was a very nosey person. He felt that he was under the authority of God to report to my mother anything and everything that I did wrong. More so because my mother asked him to keep and eye out on me. As any parent would if they left their child in someones care. He took this to extreme levels. He somehow hacked into my Myspace, email, Skype, AIM, and pretty much anything else he could get his hands on. He then decided to print out anything that was ‘bad’ and give it to my mother. Included in these ‘bad’ things was a nude picture of my girlfriend and myself at the time (come on, don’t hate, we all did it!). First of all, he had no right whatsoever to get into my personal information. Second, my girlfriend and I at the time were 14, in other words, minors, therefore he had possession of child porn. FELONY. But is he going to think that? NoOoOoOo, because he’s doing God’s work (which I guess includes printing out child porn, jacking off to it, and THEN reporting it to the police). My point is, Christians take their beliefs way too seriously. So serious that they feel that they have to do do things illegal such as hacking, and printing child porn just to be able to judge others and feel better about themselves.

My mother and I recently got in a debate about what is legal and illegal, more specifically the IRS. If any of you know me personally, you’ll know that I believe the IRS is illegal. But I’ll save that for a different post. Continuing with my story; My mother, and most Christians don’t realize that they judge people for breaking the law, but they do it just as much, if not more. I’ve been in countless arguments with my parents about breaking the law. They would always yell at me for driving a motorcycle without a license but when I brought up traveling to countries where it’s illegal to preach the bible, they would get defensive. I’m sorry, but Christians are not the elect few that are exempt from laws. If caught, they still will get justice, as would I. The Bible even says to obey those who have authority over you. So by breaking any laws, you are disobeying the oh so holy word of god…They are the biggest Hippocrates of them all.

I’ll leave you with a quote from someone I admire.

“Religion is an illusion and it derives its strength from the fact that it falls in with our instinctual desires.”
-Sigmund Freud

Atheist’s Are Satan Worshipers?

One thing that never ceases to amaze me is when Christians claim that believing in no God means that you worship Satan. Here is where their logic comes from: 2 Thessalonians 2:9 “The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie…”. This might not be the best scripture to use in this example, but it at least paints a picture. Christians believe that if you do not believe in the Bible, that Satan is blinding you from the truth. This logic is simply stupid, in my opinion. It just allows Christians to “reassure” themselves that their belief is valid and true.

There is a difference between being an Atheist and being a Satanist, a huge difference. Atheists do not believe in an all powerful god, and Satan would be considered a god. By worshiping Satan, you would almost have to believe in a god because what else would you be worshiping? This is just something that really irritates me when being ‘judged’ by Christians.

I’ve kept in contact with a good number of my Christian friends. They all question why I have turned away from the Christian faith. Because I do not want to offend, I simply say, I just cannot have faith in something that I don’t truly believe. It’s like lying to yourself that you believe something. I would much rather be true to myself than to claim to believe something that in my heart, I don’t truly believe.

Have you ever been told something numerous times, so many times that eventually you began to believe it? That’s similar to how Christianity works. Most Christians today, were born into a Christian family and the only reason they believe, is because it is all that they have been told. After so long, it becomes next to impossible to believe anything other than what you have been taught. Similar to the Iraqi children who are taught and trained how to fight. After a while, that is all they will know what to do. It’s psychological abuse to children. This is the reason older Christians are so defensive of their beliefs. If you notice, most of the younger Christians almost read from a script when asked about their beliefs. Quite honestly, even the older Christians are the same way. It’s the same thing over and over again that I hear. It’s things like: “Without Jesus, you are nothing”, “Jesus forgives you of all your sins, all you have to do is ask for his forgiveness”.

Whenever you challenge a Christian with scientific contradictions in the bible, they generally make hilarious comments. One of the most amusing examples of this is when I was 15 years old, sitting in youth group challenging the evidence of dinosaur fossils. The response from the youth pastor was: “…God probably put those fossils there to test our faith”. This was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard. I laughed so hard. Back then, I was still in the stage of figuring out what I believed, and even then I was amused by the stupidity that they call logic.

Exaggeration and false claims of conversion. All Christians do it. I remember being excited to go on my very first mission trip because I was told it was a life changing experience. The specific group I was going with had so many stories of people crying and thirsting for the love of Christ. At the time, this excited me. I thought I was going to see God at work. Well, come to find out, it was all exaggerations. One example that stands out in my mind is during a program at a Taiwanese school in a poor part of town. The program would be all about the heavenly father never letting you down and how much he loves you. Keep in mind, these children were mostly in broken homes, had abusive parents, and were extremely poor. At the end of the program, we would ask the children if they would like to have that kind of love. Almost all the kids raised their hands. At that instant, the leader of the group and my fellow travelers would pray and thank God for this miracle. But did it dawn on them, that of course they’d like that kind of love…anyone would who was in their situation. Because they were public schools, were were not allowed to make mention of God. So for one, how would they know that they became Christians. They barely knew what was going on.

During my journey’s in Ireland, during a street ministry in Dublin I was approached by a teenager, almost the same age of me at the time. He asked if I truly believed in what I was preaching. I looked him in the eyes, and said, “you know what? I’m still figuring out what I believe.” He looked back at me and informed me of his mother dying in the hospital from cancer, he was going to have to go to an orphanage. He almost was in tears saying “why would god do this to me?”. We exchanged email addresses, and we are still in contact to this day. Want to know the miracle of all this? His mother is still alive and 100% cancer free. I never prayed for her, I never asked God to heal her. I never even told my group about the conversation until later. After telling them what happened years later, they claimed that it was my prayers that saved her…interesting. I informed them that I did not pray for her. Their next argument was that God helped that family. Ok, fair enough, but what about the millions of other families that aren’t as lucky? This logic makes no sense!!!!

Now I come to my final point. Death. Christians use an afterlife to make death easier to experience. The constant relief that if they were to die, that they would be in paradise. To me, I don’t fear death. Not because of an afterlife, more so because I know that everyone must go through it eventually. The human mind cannot comprehend not existing, or being no more. Just take a moment and think about it. What would it be like to not exist? Hard to think about right? That is why I believe most people believe in an afterlife. It must comfort them or provide some hope. Christianity promises life after death in paradise. How are we suppose to know this is true, until we die and its too late? I guess my point of all of this is to show how my past as a Christian compares to my present as an Atheist. I’ve been through it all. Maybe you can understand a little bit more of how Christians truly think.

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! There is one thing that I absolutely hate when it comes to this time of year. It’s when Christians make a huge deal to say “Merry Christmas” rather than “Happy Holidays”. I use to work in a convenience store, and one customer stands out in my mind. A little old lady who was picking up some last minute stocking suffers. As she was walking out the door, I said “Happy Holidays”. She stopped dead in her tracks, turned around, walked up to the counter, looked me dead in the eyes and said “Merry Christmas”, with an angry look on her face. This bothered me. What would have happened if I was Jewish? I wouldn’t celebrate Christmas and I might take offence to that. This is the very reason I think “Happy Holidays” is a more appropriate term to use. It covers all religious beliefs rather than singling a specific one out. People wonder why Atheists even celebrate Christmas, well…technically we don’t, at least I don’t. I celebrate to a certain extent, though. I believe that before the New Year begins, it’s the perfect time to spend with the ones that you love. A time of fellowship, bonding and celebrating the previous year. Remember those loved ones who are no longer with us is also included. Unfortunately, Atheists are ridiculed for giving/receiving gifts, since that’s part of ‘Christmas’ but in reality, it’s not. Gift giving and receiving is a tradition practiced my most religions, not just Christianity. With all of the religions out there, and the growing Atheist community, I’m going to end this post by saying HAPPY HOLIDAYS, whichever one that you celebrate!

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From Evangelical Christian to Atheist

First of all, I’d like to welcome you to my blog. This is my first blog, and my first post on it. I’ve been wanting to start one for quite some time now.

My name is Jon. I was born on August 24th 1991, into a strict evangelical Christian home. The experiences that I have experienced, the trials that I have encountered and the constant brainwashing I withheld is truly what drove me to want to share my experiences. Early on in my life, I was taught that I was created by God, and that he was my father in heaven. He sent his son, ‘Jesus’, to die on the cross to forgive me of all my sins, past, present, and future. I was taught that if I did not believe in this, that I would burn forever in a lake of fire. As a young child, this terrified me; as it would any child. The constant reminder that was given to me that I must believe this was just frightening. I remember, constantly ‘praying’ to God asking him to please come into my heart, because every time I did something against the Bible, I feared going to hell. It just never made sense to me. I lived in fear of dying, because I did not know if I was going to heaven or hell. I remember being good friends with a Morman when I was in Elementary school.

I was taught that people who believed anything other than the Bible, were going to hell. What was really funny; my friend was being told the same exact thing about us. Both of my parents always cracked jokes about other religions such as “Muslims believe this….haha their so stupid” and this was teaching hate to me. Because I was raised in this environment, it was really the only thing I had to believe. I was never given the opportunity to question anything. By the time I was 13, I went on a church mission trip to Taiwan. While there, the group and I visited schools, villages, churches and even orphanages, preaching about God. The trip was a pretty big eye opener for me. I realized that, things just weren’t making sense. I thought, ‘is this really what I believe’ and ‘why am I preaching this, if I don’t know if I believe it or not’. I tried to pray and ask God to help me believe, or at least show me proof of some kind, but it didn’t work (obviously).

I still believed in God or some sort of higher power, even after all of this. I went on several other mission trips in the following months, including Slovakia, Ireland and traveled here in the US as well. After these trips, I was finally questioning everything that I was taught about Christianity. Why is Christianity the only true religion? What about all the scientific evidence that contradicts the Bible? Most importantly, does God really exist? It wasn’t long after that when I began researching the existence of God. (I was home schooled most of my life, and all the science books were based on biblical principles, therefore I was never truly educated.) I finally decided to make it known to my family that I did not believe in Christianity. There just wasn’t enough evidence there to convince me. For a while, I didn’t know what I believed. After finally admitting this to my family, I really began to see what a great choice it was. As the days passed, and then years, I finally was able to escape by moving out. I was not fully financially ready, but I could not take the torture any longer.

My family began to refuse help if I needed it. Including needing a ride home from the hospital, and they said absolutely not, claiming it was a consequence of living a life in sin and for me to walk (11+ miles). I can’t blame them though, they are brainwashed and caught up in one of the worlds largest cults but I’m sorry…if my child was in the hospital no matter what it was for, I’d be there for them. Now that I live on my own, and my parents have finally accepted the fact that I am an atheist, they are a little less ‘mean’. No matter what, I will always love my parents, even after everything they have done to me. After all, I can’t blame them, I can only blame their religion. Religion ruins lives, families and even friendships. I won’t let it ruin mine.